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MSN Pictures Displayer 5.0

MSN Pictures Displayer enables you to display in a slideshow your own pictures
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Sébastien BEGOUIN

MSN Pictures Displayer tool enables users to display slideshows of their own pictures as MSN Messenger avatars, while chatting with their friends. One of the coolest features of MSN Pictures Displayer is that for each picture, user can add their comments, which will be displayed as their personal message. It’s a smart tool that allows users to save their slideshows, so now users can create slideshow on a theme like holidays at sea, films, etc. and save them and send them to their friends. MSN Pictures Displayer provides users with various options like changing speed of slideshows, maximum number of pictures for slideshow, messenger status when the avatar is to be changed etc.
MSN Pictures Displayer is a speedy tool which automatically synchronizes with Messenger accounts and updates the display pictures as per the settings. It can also manage different slideshow if many Messenger accounts are installed on your computer. MSN Pictures Displayer is 100% compatible with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (WLM). This great tool is available in many languages and also allows users to create their own translation in an easier manner. Interestingly, this excellent communication software is free for download and install.

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  • 100% compatible with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger
  • Available in many languages and allows users to set their own translations
  • Supports multiple messenger accounts on the same machine having different slideshows
  • Supports BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG files
  • Speedy tool


  • Does not work with Linux/Mac
  • Not very user friendly
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